Cybersecurity Skills Gap Series – Part 3 with Set Solutions Services Team

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Podcast Series – Part 3

Posted: October 20, 2022
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For the third episode in this special cybersecurity awareness month series Michal and Greg chat with two of the leaders on our services team, Jonathan Townsend, VP of Engineering, and Brandt Varni, Director of Practice Management, to discuss how Staff Augmentation can benefit your organization.

In this show they break down when you should consider staff augmentation vs. project-based work or a full-time hire, when technical or cultural fit should be more heavily weighted while selecting resources, planning for staff aug needs vs. emergency placements, and when it’s time to look at longer term options.

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Host: Michael Farnum

Co Host: Greg Porterfield

Guest: Jonathan Townsend

Guest: Brandt Varni