Cybersecurity Skills Gap Series – Part 1 with Lesley Carhart

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Podcast Series – Part 1

Posted: October 6, 2022
Category: Podcast

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We’re taking a break from our regular show to deep dive into an urgent need in the cybersecurity industry – qualified people. According to there are over 700,000 open cybersecurity jobs across the nation, so for Cybersecurity awareness month Ready, Set, Secure is focusing on how to close the skills gap to keep your organization up and running.

For part one of this series Michael and Greg chat with Lesley Carhart, Director of Incident Response at Dragos and fierce advocate for diversity and mentorship in the cybersecurity industry, about how to get more people involved and what companies can do to continually develop and grow talent.

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Host: Michael Farnum

Co Host: Greg Porterfield

Guest: Lesley Carhart