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Graphing Modem Data For Fun: Part 2

Posted: September 10, 2020

In the previous post I talked about how this project got started.  A customer had a question, and I have an affinity for building systems, exploring data, and wandering down rabbit-holes.  My goal is to learn about data analytics platforms by re-creating a dashboard based on data from my cable ...

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Key Pillars of Forming an Internal Data Protection Practice

Posted: September 3, 2020

Hello and welcome to part two of our whirlwind overview of Data Protection.  In this blog, we’re discussing what a typical Data Protection program’s goals might be, some of the challenges we’ve seen customers encounter, and common strategies used to mitigate risks related to data loss.  If ...

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Data Analytics Series – Graphing Modem Data for Fun

Posted: August 20, 2020

It all started with a simple use case The idea is to send server metrics to InfluxDB and visualize the data with Grafana.  I do not know anything about InfluxDB, and I have not used Grafana in years.  Armed with this overwhelming amount of experience and knowledge, when asked if it should ...

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Posted: August 4, 2020

What is a RAT? There is an increasing RAT problem that security professionals need to be aware of.  To be clear, we are not talking about the 4-legged rodent, but instead, about a specific type of malware.  A RAT (“Remote Access Trojan”) is any malware that grants an unauthorized party the ...

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Introduction to Data Protection Series

Posted: July 9, 2020

P.T. Barnum may or may not have said “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”; however, even he would likely agree that corporations are done no favors by achieving front-page status through a data breach.  With the financial impact of an incident reaching into the hundreds of millions of ...

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Has CAPTCHA Outlived its Usefulness?

Posted: June 11, 2020

Historically, CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) challenges have been used to distinguish human web-browsing activities from automated “robot” activity.  To combat increasingly sophisticated bots, CAPTCHA developers have had to ...

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How to MFA the Right Way – Part 3

Posted: May 18, 2020

Security vendors and professionals have been proclaiming that the perimeter is dead for years. The concept of an “inside” and “outside” of the network, where the primary goal was to implement a perimeter defense to keep them separate was eroded away by mobile devices, cloud computing, ...

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How to MFA the Right Way – Part 2

Posted: April 29, 2020

In the Meantime As we discussed in our previous article, The Right Way to MFA – Part 1, U2F is the “most right” answer from a strictly-security perspective…but it may not be the best business choice at this time for some organizations.  At this time, very few organizations have moved to ...

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Set Solutions Podcast Episode 2

Posted: April 22, 2020

Click Here to download this weeks episode. Episode 2 of the Set Solutions Podcast “Ready, Set, Secure” is out now! Tune in this week as we talk to Justin Hutchens, Set Solutions Consulting Services Practice Lead, about MFA, penetration testing, and much more! Show Notes are listed ...

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How to MFA the Right Way – Part 1

Posted: April 21, 2020

Background In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift in both the private and public sectors towards Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enterprise remote access services.  As more and more organizations have continued to adopt MFA, cyber criminals have continued to identify increasingly ...

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